Tips for making Weathericon (Cydia tweak) themes

This post is just some instructions on how the mappings of weathericon themes work. You can use this to use one image for multiple weather codes, and to save you renaming lots of files!

I’ve made a text file which shows the actual description and the weather number it corresponds to, which can be downloaded from here: Order

You can also take a look at this sample plist from the Katra theme. You can either edit this plist to match the names of your icons, or rename all of your icons to weather0.png weather1.png and so on. If you rename them, you can remove the mappings section of the plist.

In the plist, if you are going to use the mappings, just enter the name of the icon you want for that description (see the text file to see what it corresponds to) without the extension:


This will use tstorm3.png for weather0, which, looking at the text file, corresponds to a tornado.

Once you are done either renaming the icons (and removing the mappings dict from the plist), place all of the icons and the plist in a folder called “” without the quotes. This needs to go in a folder called “Bundles” again without quotes. This folder then needs to go in a folder called “THEME_NAME.theme”, where THEME_NAME is your chosen theme name.

You then copy this folder to /private/var/stash/themes.XXXXXX/ on your phone, where the “XXXXXX” is 6 random numbers/letters.

You should then be able to enable this in winterboard, and hey presto, you should have your icons.

You can change the size of the icons themselves or the size can be changed by editing the plist.

To change the forecast icon sizes in the LockInfo weather plugins, after these lines:




This value will change the forecast icon sizes.

Hope that helps!

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